STONE.ART > Objectives

The general objective of the project is to preserve and highlight the Stone Art and tradition of the regions of Epirus and South Albania as an integral cultural element of the intervention areas and to utilize it effectively in the field of thematic tourism. These two areas are rich in natural landscape and excellent monuments that combined with the cultural local tradition can give impetus to the thematic and alternative tourism development. The main axes of the project are on the one hand the scientific documentation and recording of the craftsmen’s art to highlight important stone monuments with the use of modern digital media and the active participation and interaction of the visitors and on the other hand the preservation of the craftsmen’s art as an educational tool for future generations .

The expected results are:

Contribution to tourism development in the intervention area through the promotion of specific common cultural traditions.
Raising awareness of the Stone Art and stone monuments of the area.
Encouraging the acquisition of further knowledge and information on the conservation of stone craft and stone monuments through the development of cultural research structures.
Operation of “Stone School” and Digital Exhibition Centers.
Promotion and exploitation of the Art of Stone in the field of thematic tourism by strengthening its historical, social and cultural characteristics.
Increase in the expected number of visitors to the intervention area.